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Impurities : Febuxostat

Code Name Formula Structure CAS Status Enquiry
EP701210037 B-I-K CH4N2O 57-13-6 Can be Synthesised
EP701210038 para C7H6O3 99-96-7 Can be Synthesised
EP701210040 Acetoacetic acid C6H9ClO3 609-15-4 Can be Synthesised
EP701210041 HydroxythiobenzaMide C7H7NOS 25984-63-8 Can be Synthesised
EP701210043 EAA C6H10O3 141-97-9 Can be Synthesised
EP701210044 Thiazolecarboxylicacid C14H13NO4S 161798-01-2 Can be Synthesised
EP701210045 bromoisobutane C4H9Br 78-77-3 Can be Synthesised
EP701210046 bromo butane C4H9Br 109-65-9 Can be Synthesised
EP701210047 ISOBUTYL ALCOHOL C4H10O 78-83-1 Can be Synthesised
EP701210051 2-[3-cyano-4-(n-butyl propoxy)phenyl]-4-methyl-1,3-thiazole-5-carboxylic acid Not Available NA Can be Synthesised
EP701210052 Descyano Ethyl Ester Not Available 144060-97-9 Can be Synthesised
EP701210053 Descyano Impurity Not Available 1206550-99-3 Can be Synthesised
EP701210055 2-[3-cyano-4-hydroxy phenyl]-4-methyl-1,3-thiazole-5-carboxylic acid Not Available NA Can be Synthesised
EP701210287 Febuxostat Final Product C16H16N2O3S 144060-53-7 In Stock
EP701210288 Febuxostat diacid impurity C16H17NO5S 1239233-87-4 In Stock
EP701210289 Febuxostat DEE Impurity C20H25NO5S 1643131-93-4 In Stock
EP701210290 Febuxostat AE C18H21NO5S 2095166-41-7 In Stock
EP701210291 Febuxostat EA C18H21NO5S Not Available In Stock
EPE -FBX-003 4-Hydroxybenzonitrile C7H5NO 767-00-0 In Stock
EPE -FBX-006 Febuxostat Impurity C13H13NO3S 161797-99-5 In Stock
EPE -FBX-012 Febuxostat Impurity G C18H21NO4S 161798-03-4 In Stock
EPE -FBX-013 Febuxostat Impurity 3 C18H20N2O3S 160844-75-7 In Stock
EPE -FBX-014 Febuxostat Impurity D C16H18N2O4S 1239233-86-3 In Stock
EPE -FBX-018 Febuxostat Impurity 5 C14H12N2O3S 161798-02-3 In Stock

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