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Impurities : Hydralazine Hydrochloride

Code Name Formula Structure CAS Status Enquiry
EP701210056 Impurity A C8H6N2 253-52-1 Can be Synthesised
EP701210057 Impurity B C8H6O3 119-67-5 Can be Synthesised
EP701210059 Impurity D Not Available Can be Synthesised
EP701210060 Impurity 2 C8H5ClN2 5784-45-2 Can be Synthesised
EP701210064 3-bromo-3H-2-benzofuran-1-one C8H5BrO2 6940-49-4 Can be Synthesised
EP701210286 Hydralazine HCl C8H8N4.HCl 304-20-1 In Stock
EPE -HDZ -003 Hydralzine Impurity C C8H6N2O 119-39-1 In Stock
EPE -HDZ -006 PHTALYLHYDRAZINE C8H6N2O2 1445-69-8 In Stock
EPE -HDZ -007 Hydralzine Impurity F C16H12N6 24030-07-7 In Stock
EPE -HDZ -008 aprezolin; apresolin C8H8N4 86-54-4 In Stock
EPE -HDZ -011 Phthalolactone C8H6O2 87-41-2 In Stock

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