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Impurities : Trelagliptin

Code Name Formula Structure CAS Status Enquiry
EPE -TLG -001 Impurity A C5H5ClN2O2 4318-56-3 In Stock
EP701210139 2-(bromomethyl)-4-fluorobenzonitrile C8H5BrFN 421552-12-7 Can be Synthesised
EPE -TLG -003 Impurity D C5H14Cl2N2 334618-07-4 In Stock
EPE -TLG -004 Impurity B C5H14Cl2N2 334618-23-4 In Stock
EPE -TLG -005 Impurity C C10H20N2O2 309956-78-3 In Stock
EP701210143 4-fluoro-2-methylbenzonitrile C8H6FN 147754-12-9 Can be Synthesised
EP701210144 Impurity G Not available In Stock
EPE -TLG -008 Impurity E C13H9ClFN3O2 865759-24-6 In Stock
EPE -TLG -009 Impurity F C22H26FN5O6 1029877-94-8 In Stock
EPE -TLG -010 Impurity H C18H20FN5O2 865759-25-7 In Stock

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