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Impurities : Pregabalin

Code Name Formula Structure CAS Status Enquiry
EP701210124 IBGA; Impurity B C9H16O4 75143-89-4 In Stock
EP701210125 Lactum Impurity; Impurity 4 C8H15NO 61312-87-6 Can be Synthesised
EP701210126 S-Lactum Impurity C8H15NO 181289-23-6 In Stock
EP701210127 RS-CMH Acid C9H17NO4 181289-15-6 In Stock
EP701210128 Impurity A C8H17NO2 148553-51-9 Can be Synthesised
EP701210129 S-CMH Acid C9H17NO3 181289-34-9 In Stock
EP701210130 Anhydride Impurity C9H14O3 185815-59-2 In Stock
EP701210131 Diamide Impurity C9H15NO2 916982-10-0 In Stock
EP701210132 S - Pregabalin Reference Standard C8H17NO2 148553-50-8 In Stock
EP701210133 R-CMH Acid C9H17NO3 181289-33-8 In Stock
EP701210243 (S)-Mandelic acid C8H8O3 17199-29-0 In Stock
EP701210244 ETHYL CYANOACETATE C5H7NO2 105-56-6 In Stock
EP701210245 (R)-Mandelic acid C8H8O3 611-71-2 In Stock
EP701210246 Methyl Ester Impurity C10H18O4 181289-25-8 In Stock
EP701210247 Racemic Methyl Ester Impurity C10H18O4 Not Available In Stock
EP701210248 R-Phenyl ethyl amine C8H11N 3886-69-9 In Stock
EP701210282 Rac-Pregabalin C8H17NO2 128013-69-4 In Stock
EP701210283 R-Salt C17H28N2O3 Not Available In Stock
EP701210284 S-Salt C17H28N2O3 Not Available In Stock

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